Black Chequered Cotton

Black Chequered Cotton


A minimalist's dream, this double-lined black chequered fabric can be seamlessly turned into anything your imagination can create. This light handwoven cotton is perfect for tropical climates. From dresses, to a pair of summer shorts or sticking to the classics with shirts; this fabric can effortlessly adapt to your unique design.

The price mentioned here is the price per metre of the fabric. You can select the amount of fabric you require in metres, in the "quantity" section below. All the Kotpad fabrics measure between 37 inches to 39 inches wide.

All products in the "KOTPAD" collection are 100% handwoven cotton & have been naturally dyed by the "Mirgan" community, using roots of the Aal (Indian Madder) tree & sulphate of iron involving an age old technique. To learn more about the entire process, please visit our journal section. Zoom in to explore & get a closer look.

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