Preserving the craft of indigenous handloom textiles is a way to preserve a sense of uniqueness & a cultural identity. Today, we should not produce more - we must help produce fewer but better things.




Today, people are addicted to buying low-cost clothes frequently. This leaves little scope for indigenous textile innovation as it cannot compete with fast fashion garments in either speed of production or price. But the environment & factory workers pay the price for a fast fashion world. The current global systems in the textile industry aren’t going to be sustainable in the long run. Through Tribe Of Textiles, we hope to bring about ethical change & make rare handwoven textiles available, so we can understand & connect with the people creating the garments we choose to wear while learning about their unique cultures & traditional techniques.

Through this space, we share our learnings & perspective on the various indigenous clothing cultures in India & around the world in our "JOURNAL" section. We are also working directly with talented artisans to make these wearable works of art available for everybody. Browse through our collection of fabrics & ready to wear designs that are guaranteed to be a great addition to your mindful wardrobe. We strive to bring livelihood security for our family of weavers in an inclusive manner by eliminating middlemen & maintaining principles of Fair Trade in our partnership. Every purchase you make results in direct income for our textile artists & their families, who reside in remote areas of the country. Each piece in our collection is meticulously handwoven with love & reflects the pure unadulterated legacy of the looms.